it's that beautiful pine branch
where the sleet had gathered a little while ago seem to be in such a rush
To press your hot cheek against that green leaf
No one can guess our shock
At seeing your cheeks violently pierced
At the point of craving
These vegetable green needles
That's how eager you were to get into the woods!
And while you were in agonizing pain
Sweating and burning with fever
I was happily working away in the sun
Walking about the forest with someone on my mind
((ah, lovely...I feel like a new man
it's just like bein' in the woods myself))
You yearned for the woods
Like a bird like a squirrel
You can't imagine how I envied you!
O my little sister who will travel far in this day
Do you truly intend to go all by yourself ?
Ask me please to go with you
Order me through tears, I beg you, not to stay behind
your cheeks...yet
so strikingly beautiful today
I think I'll place this fresh pine branch
on top of these green reeds
it won't take long for the drops to trickle down
it smells of terpentine
invigorating, can you tell ?