The sky at dawn is about to melt
The pure fine sapphire of the ringed planet
Sparkling, gleaming with noble light
Gathering the essence of snow and manganese spar
A short time ago the stars, strangely clear
Were casting a steady stream of blue winks
At the pure depths in water of that ice-field sky
Where waves pitched sleepily
And the road back beyond ran alongshore
Even though the reaper
Tells me here and now
"Incidentally it's perfectly round and
It's got rings and seven moons
But remember it's dead, rustle dead
Go and see for yourself if you don't believe me!"
But no words will change my desire
My determination born of love
My will to set my eccentric sight
On an ever exquisite dawn
My will is set no matter what
Though plunged into the deepest loss
...the hundred capes and snow-capped junipers
dawning this very instant
oh, sheets of an ancient blue sea...
The stars make a final flutter
Like a species of bird at its point of extinction